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Sheila Dikshit

Sheila Dikshit (née Kapoor;[2] once in a while anglicized Dixit; (31 March 1938 - 20 July 2019) was an Indian government official who was the longest-serving boss pastor of Delhi, serving for a time of 15 years from 1998 to 2013. Dikshit drove Congress gathering to three back to back appointive triumphs in Delhi. In the December 2013 races to the Delhi Legislative Assembly, Dikshit was crushed in New Delhi supporters by Aam Aadmi Party pioneer Arvind Kejriwal, who supplanted her as Delhi's main pastor.

In this way, she was confirmed as Governor of Kerala on 11 March 2014. In any case, she surrendered on 25 August 2014.[3] She had been pronounced as boss pastoral possibility for the Indian National Congress in the 2017 Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly race; anyway she later pulled back. She was selected as leader of Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee on January 10, 2019

Early years

Sheila Kapoor was conceived on 31 March 1938 in Kapurthala, Punjab into a Punjabi Khatri family. She was taught at the Convent of Jesus and Mary School in New Delhi and graduated with a Master of Arts degree in history from the Miranda House at the University of Delhi

Sheila DikshitDuring the period somewhere in the range of 1984 and 1989, she spoke to Kannauj parliamentary body electorate of Uttar Pradesh. As an individual from Parliament, she served on the Estimates Committee of Lok Sabha. Dikshit additionally led the Implementation Committee for Commemoration of Forty Years of India's Independence and Jawaharlal Nehru centennial.

 She spoke to India at United Nations Commission on Status of Women for a long time (1984–1989). She additionally filled in as a Union Minister during 1986–1989, first as the pastor of state for Parliamentary Affairs and later as a priest of state in the Prime Minister's Office. 

In Uttar Pradesh, she and her 82 partners were imprisoned in August 1990 for 23 days by the state government when she drove a development against the outrages being submitted on ladies. Prior, in the mid 1970s, she was executive of the Young Women's Association and was instrumental in the setting up two of the best inns for working ladies in Delhi. She is additionally the secretary of the Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust.[citation needed]. 

In 2009, the Delhi Lokayukta (hostile to defilement ombudsman) examined a protest documented by promoter Sunita Bhardwaj, a BJP specialist, saying that Dikshit abused 3.5 crore rupees got from the Central government under the Jawahar Lal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission for Rajiv Ratan Awas Yojana to give out political advertisements. 

The Lokayukta later dropped the debasements claims. The complainant at that point looked to book Dikshit under the Representation of People's Act, asserting she had been "distorting realities" about the pads her legislature had worked for the urban poor..

It was decided by the Lokayukta that the administration activities did not fall foul of the demonstration but rather it will attempt to book her under the Section 2 (b) of the Act that stipulates adherence to standards of direct and trustworthiness expected of "open functionaries".

 The case is now[when?] nearing a decision with the last contentions having begun.[citation needed] Dikshit hit back at the Lokayukta, expressing: "[Lokayukta] can't be the sole judge of what is dishonest" and the counter unite guard dog should "restrain itself to center defilement issues".

In November 2009, Dikshit went under analysis for conceding parole to indicted killer Manu Sharma after media reports of him visiting night clubs in Delhi rose.

 Sharma was imprisoned for killing Jessica Lal and is serving a lifelong incarceration. Dikshit guarded her choice to sign the parole papers, proclaiming nothing "illicit or unlawful" was done in stretching out the advantage to the detainee. The Delhi high court noticed that she had given special treatment to Sharma in conceding parole while ignoring such supplications of "poor" individuals mulling in prison for a considerable length of time.

 Gotten some information about the high court's analysis of the choice, Dikshit legitimized her position, saying "whatever documents I get, they come through appropriate channels."[9] She further affirmed that the Delhi lieutenant-representative was in charge of making ready for Sharma's parole.

Dikshit was accused of corruption regarding the 2010 Commonwealth Games. The Comptroller and Auditor General(CAG) report allegedly blamed her for irregularities in imported equipment for street lighting in the city during the games. Delhi chief secretary P. K. Tripathi stated that the chief minister played no part in awarding contracts for street lighting in Delhi during the Commonwealth Games.

Dikshit's remark in the Assembly said that only one gang rape in the city in December 2012 had prompted her government to launch the 181 helpline drew sharp criticism with the BJP saying it reflected her "insensitivity" towards women.

In August 2013 the ombudsman court ordered an FIR to be filed against her and others for allegedly misusing government funds for an advertising campaign ahead of the 2008 assembly elections. But no charges were ever brought.

 Her party was wiped out in the 2013 Delhi Legislative Assembly election and Arvind Kejriwalfounder of Aam Admi party won the election in the New Delhi Assembly constituency by a margin of 25,864 votes.

 She resigned on 8 December 2013, but remained the caretaker chief minister of Delhi till the new Government was sworn in on 28 December 2013. She was appointed as the governor of Kerala in March 2014, but was forced to resign five months later.

Personal life

Dikshit was hitched to Vinod Dikshit, child of autonomy extremist and previous West Bengal representative Uma Shankar Dikshit, who originated from Ugu town of Unnao in Uttar Pradesh. 

 He was as an official in the Indian Administrative Service. He kicked the bucket because of a heart assault in a train venture with his significant other and kids. 

Dikshit was the mother to two youngsters including a child, Sandeep Dikshit, who is a previous individual from Parliament of the fifteenth Lok Sabha from East Delhi. and a little girl, Latika Syed. Dikshit experienced angioplasty in November 2012. She was consistently treated at Fortis Escorts Heart organization. In 2018, she showed at least a bit of kindness medical procedure in University Hospital in Lille, France. She was admitted to Fortis on 19 July 2019 for cardiovascular arrhythmia and was put on ventilator. She passed on 20 July 2019 at 81 years old, experiencing heart failure in Escort Hospital, Delhi. 


sheila dixit passed on 20 July 2019 (Saturday) in New Delhi.[19] She was 81. 
She was conceded at around 10.30 am on 20 July 2019. She passed on at 3.30 pm at a city medical clinic.

Awards and recognition

  • 2010 Dara Shikoh award by Indo-Iran Society 
  • 2013 Delhi Women of the Decade Achievers Award 2013 by all ladies league
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